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Positive effects of healthy diet in rehabilitation

Diet therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Appropriate nutrition and balanced meals are crucial for a successful therapy and a healthy patient. Rehabilitation treatment can be long, and demand patients and a properly assembled menu is essential to complement the standard medicinal methods. Each patient is an individual, with specific needs and a unique biochemistry. It is why proper nutrition schedules have to be prepared individually while keeping track of the results on a daily basis.

Negative dietary effects of drugs and alcohol

Most of the population is not aware of the fact that alcohol contains more calories per gram than fat. People who drink often experience a sense of fullness without eating, or eating very little. This effect usually y leads to malnutrition and poor eating habits. The same is mostly the case with drug abusers. The body tries to adapt to this regime but eventually, has to feel the negative effects like imbalanced nutrient absorption and toxin expelling.Drug addicts often experience other gastrointestinal disorders as a result of drug abuse. These most commonly include diarrhea and constipation, followed by poor digestion and appetite. Furthermore, alcohol and drugs have negative effects on a cellular level, causing improper processing of important amino acids. It, in turn, causes a series of negative effects not only concerning the gastrointestinal system but the organism as a whole.

Basic nutritional guidelines for rehabilitation patients

One of the first things which need treatment is poor eating habits. Regular meals are a must so that the patients lower the possibility of a relapse. Patients often confuse the feeling of hunger with a craving for drugs. Also, dehydration has to be avoided, and patients have to increase their intake of fluids.When it comes to types of foods rehab patients should eat, proteins and low-fat foods are the most important. Protein is a good source of energy, and it breaks down fast. Furthermore, patients also have to increase the consumption of fibers, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, along with the regular physical activity.

Holistic treatments for fighting addiction

Have you ever hear about holistic programs applied in treatment against addiction? The combination of the art and science of healing that is focused on the entire person is one of the most popular these days. The best thing about holistic medicine is the fact that it integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat diseases in the best possible way to heal the complete person, including body, mind, and spirit.Holistic medicine is based on appropriate modalities of diagnosis and treatment. It combines analysis of every part of your life including nutritional, spiritual, and physical and lifestyles elements.

The principles of holistic medical practice

One of the most important parts of holistic medicine is, believe it or not, nutrition. The scientist survey proved that the food we eat affects our mood and behavior. No wonder we have so many articles about different types of aphrodisiac that improve our sexual desire. The same is with other nutritive products; we can enhance our productivity at work or make us feel better and happier. If you don’t believe in this, make a little experiment and grab a bar chocolate when you are nervous, you will be surprised how it can make you feel better.

The relation physician-patient is upgraded in this branch of medicine

The quality of this relationship is highly important. We are aware that in this type of treatment the doctor is the main support of the patient, and it has to be someone dependable and trustworthy. The holistic physician has a task to encourage his patient to evoke the healing power from inside. He encourages finding the solution in his mind. In other words, he encourages the patients to take over the control and start acting to find the solution.  The key of the treatment is to teach the person to cope with problems and accept the challenge that life can through in front of you. This medicine is based on the inner strength that every person hides and need to wake up. We encourage the person to cope with problems and to deal with them in their way.